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Independents and other parties

Independents are people who, for one reason or another, choose not to affiliate themselves with any party (aka political affiliation). In doing so, they receive no campaign money from a large organized party and they must fight an uphill battle to get on ballots. Then, to actually get elected, they need to win over a large amount of people because most voters are affiliated with either the republicans or democrats. However, there are a few good reasons for being independent:

1. Parties supply politicians with money for their campaign and endorse the canidate. If the party isn't happy with how a canidate has done over their last term the party may choose not to endorse them during the next election, so this person feels a pressure to conform to his party's voting trends. An independent has no obligation to a party or pressures to vote one way or another.

2. The person doesn't like the views of either party. If a person simply doesn't agree with the viewpoints taken by a party, he/she just won't join any and simply claim to vote based on their own pespectives, rather than have the influence of a party.

3. There's a political strategy side to presenting yourself as an independent during election time. People running for office may not expect to win an election, but may simply be running to get their name recognized for an upcoming election down the road. If this person sincerely supports one opposing canidate over the other because they generally agree with their views, they may leave their party and run independently. In doing this, it is likely that less votes will be detracted from the canidate that the independent canidate wants to be elected, but at the same time, a good amount of name recognition will result simply from his/her name being on the ballot. There are seveal other election strategies involving independent canidacy, but I won't bore you with the details.

ok, so what about those other people? What's this green party? And who the HELL is ralph nader anyway???