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I've visited St. John's college and, after mild thinking and a moment of whimsy, I've settled on St. John's college as my school of choice which I'll be attending come September: a small liberal arts school. It has two campuses, one in Annapolis, MD and another in Santa Fe, NM. I originally applied to the Annapolis campus. I visited there in early February of 2002. I wasn't too wild about the campus, it being in the middle of Annapolis...a small city, kind of charming, but kind of constricting as well. Though, the classes were just what I expected. Upon speaking with many many students, a few tutors (like professors except they call 'em tutors), and an admissions representative, I decided that the Santa Fe campus would be better suited for my needs. It's in the mountains of New Mexico, far from the confines of brick streets and crowded sidewalks, with plenty of hiking and biking routes to take advantage of.


I'll be attending in September.