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the second 'o' is a zero

I'm not an actor nor do I aspire to be

However, thanks to impulse I did respond to a casting call in Gilford, NH one day for a movie called 'Creatures of Hollywood'

I walked in front of a panel of 3, 2 women and 1 man. I made a 3 to 5 minute speil that began with a statement about ginger ale and ended with a complaint about stale pal mals in Connecticut.

This is the cover letter I submitted:

My Address
Phone Number

July 24th, 2001

Tone Entertainment
PO Box 218
Silver Lake, NH 03875

Dir Sirs,

This morning around 2am I haphazardly stumbled upon an article that mentioned your casting call. With visions of my image cast upon the big screen I threw together this letter and drove two hours north.

Im interested in being an extra. If Im given the privilege of a speaking part Id be much obliged as the more distinctive my part is, the more fun it will be to show off to my friends. I have several special talents including but not limited to:



Shaving without a mirror

Destroying the reputations of  Congressional Members

Driving fast without getting caught

Reciting the inverted-alphabet: zaybxcwdveuftgshriqjpkolnm

Ive worked both performing and hosting stage shows for 2 years. If you count Broadway, high school productions, and my participation in a local drama playhouse I have approximately no acting experience. However, I have seen several movies.

Id be glad to provide you with anymore needed information. Feel free to contact me for further interviewing, required information or to chat about current events. Thanks for putting up with me.