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potat0man: stop stealin my BF! >:o
LondonMike25: i aint
LondonMike25: we are just chatting
LondonMike25: about u
potat0man: i wonder about you...
LondonMike25: what about?
potat0man: pedophilia
LondonMike25: you introduced us i was just getting to know him
LondonMike25: oh knock it off
LondonMike25: just making friends...he is your bud
potat0man: nonetheless...
LondonMike25: mikey i want you to trust me i am not taking jason away and wouldnt
potat0man: it's not him
potat0man: i wonder about your tendencies towards young boys
potat0man: of, shall we say, immoral ages...
LondonMike25: why cant i talk to young boys i do it all day
potat0man: talking is fine, sexual allusions are sketchy and making passes are definately wrong
LondonMike25: sexual allusions?
LondonMike25: passes?
potat0man: must i make up a glossary?
LondonMike25: i know what they are but when did i say or do them
potat0man: LondonMike25: how old r u
Filladdar: 14,
LondonMike25: cool you like older men hehe
potat0man: allusions
LondonMike25: referring to you
potat0man: or yourself
potat0man: it's sketchy
LondonMike25: i know it sound like that but i meant you
potat0man: don't insult my intelligence
LondonMike25: ok fine i will never talk to him again
potat0man: talk to him all you want, but watch what you say
LondonMike25: no it is better that i maintain your trust so i wont anymore