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the second 'o' is a zero

This is the potat0man page of convenience and edutainment, please wipe your feet before venturing too much further, and enjoy.

You're probably wondering, "who is potat0man, and what's with the name???"
 Take the Political Potat0 Tour and get some basic info about American politics

"I'm bored, maybe i'll ride a bike across the nation..."


         following the leader

                                               Sound Bytes

Excuse me, but do you have the time?

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The empire has expanded and now includes
Check back for future updates as to our expansion plans

 I'm gonna keep it plain. A lack of flash, to set a tone of ease. So, what's to come?

*the occupational list of wonders: this list will emphasize everything i hope to be

Ah yes, an image often associated with potat0man, most likely because of the similiar body type, humpty dumpty. Below is the often unmentioned side of the much-loved childrens fairy-tale.

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