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the second 'o' is a zero

In an effort to potat0ize the world i'm giving you the ability to put before your eyes what has graced my own. Enjoy.

Liberty High - This print newsletter is an advocate of student and youth rights. It publishes a new edition of it's newsletter every month. It discusses all types of controversial issues and keeps school faculties on their toes. Definately go get yourself a free issue, all you have to do is ask...
Face Club - A wacky website worth a look. Not to be confused with, the japanese techno club, is a full force site that is sure to impress even the most advanced of web users.
How To Break The Law For A Profit And Get Away With It Dot Com - This amazing website has oodles of info for the aspiring type. Very interesting reading, i suggest it be checked out immediately...
Unconventional - This site is full of essays about why college may not be the best idea for the American system of education. Something everyone should atleast consider before wandering off to places of higher education like mindless drones.