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the second 'o' is a zero

oh no, like the rest of the drones out there, i have plans of attending some type of post high school formal education.

SO, i've begun the process with an application to a school on my list: Albertson College of Idaho, a respectable institution in a state covered with, you guessed it, potat0es...i'm actually having a little fun filling out all these forms.....

Albertson asked on the application:
Please describe any experience you have had with international travel. Include the countries, dates and names of programs
my clever answer:

Ah, yes. It was one chosen summer day in '99. My family and I were vacationing up north, in the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire. My mother, being the thoughtful person she so often proves to be, inquired in the early morning, "So, what should we do today?" I'm often hesitant to suggest activities for the whole family to embark on in fear of being blamed when all goes wrong when no one has a good time. However, today was different, perhaps it was the mountain air, perhaps it was the beautiful mountain vistas before me, or perhaps it was the incredible potato salad resting in my stomach from last nights supper. Whatever the case, I piped up and said "Let's go to Canada." It was a perfectly reasonable suggestion, we were but a 20 minute drive from the border. But however reasonable, the pessimistic eye of concern stared on the idea. This pupil coming forth in the shape of my father as he asked, "And what will we do when we get there?" I didn't need to ponder, "Whatever we come across."

Breakfast went by and somehow it came to be that Canada would be the plan for the day. So we ventured forth, this finally gave me an opportunity to practice some real life French. Not long after crossing the border we stopped at a visitors center. I know I could have used English, but it wouldn't have been nearly as fun. So I, being the only one in the group with knowledge of the French language, approached the woman behind the visitors center desk and fluently asked my well rehearsed question in French, "Hi. What can we do here?"

After a quick conversation we were off to a giant canyon kept nicely in a preservation park with well groomed trails and large waterfalls. We spent the day there and returned to our vacation spot back in New Hampshire later that evening.

That's my entire experience with 'International Travel'.

Update: 11-13-01 Interesting side note: I'll be going to the Commonwealth
of the Bahamas this Saturday for a family vacation. This will mark my second
experience with international travel.


The essay was kinda broad, they pretty much said 'think for yourself and write something cool'

I won't post my entire essay, but here's how it ended.....

     Now, there are so many other things I could talk about, but I wouldn't want to bore. So Iíll just sum it all up. I can drive like an Indy racer,  swim like an Olympian and talk like a scientist. Iíve read War and Peace, run a mile in under four and a half minutes, and once baked a two tier pastry.  I woo people with my classical guitar pieces, save old ladies from the perils of street-crossing, assist stray dogs, and maintain excellent dental hygiene. I promote world peace in my spare afternoons and always turn off the lights when I leave the room. I eat dessert first, my tires are rotated every three thousand miles and I once held my breath for six and a half minutes.

They said I'll know if i've been accepted by September.......i'll let you know.....

UPDATE: 09-04-01
I've received albertsons acceptance exciting. It's fun applying to college... I'll let you know which one i'm attending come march/april

Other, colleges i plan to or have already applied to: in no particular order

St. John's College

I have applied to st. john's. It was a long and tedious process, i'm glad it's over...this school is my first choice. I should receive word about the status of my application in late december. I have complete confidence that I will be accepted.

Update: 12-22-01 I've recieved word that I've been accepted to st. john's college. yay  me
 Here is the 11 page essay i had to write for them. The most perceptive readers will notice that I ended this essay in a similar manner to the way I ended the Albertson essay...that just makes things easier for me.

For those linguist nuts, here is the rough draft of my essay, it's interesting if you like to see how papers, ideas and words evolve after being reviewed by a human thesaurus of an english teacher...

San Francisco State University

I've been accepted here, though, anyone else who knows their home address and has 55 bucks for the application fee probably will too...

I may go here, it's about 2nd or 3rd on my list right now....

New York University

I will apply to NYU in mid-december or early january

University of Tennesee at Knoxville

I have been accepted here, it is low on my list of prospective choices.

I've Made a Decision

* any attempts to plagiarize this stuff is strictly frowned upon

ps: i wrote a peice for english class about happiness and humans. I didn't know where to post it, so here it is.